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2018 Update - The Year Ahead

As our council members plot and plan for the year ahead... we thought we'd share some personal updates with you and what we have planned for the year ahead.

Have you set goals for 2018?

UPDATE from Anne:

The first meeting in my calendar in January concerned our sustainability strategy and planning; talk about putting new year’s resolutions in action straight away! Within the association, particularly focused on our annual conference – we have several goals for the year, sustainability being one of those I especially look forward to learning about and working on the coming year. I am curious to see how we can go beyond the obvious wins and put more long term goals in our plans.

On a personal level, I want to continue developing my knowledge and skills regarding the association side of things – beyond the event on its own but really being able to place it in the context of a member-led organisation. Being able to partake in the ASAE Next Gen Summit end of 2017 was a great kick-off for this goal.

The longer I think about what 2018 might be able to offer – and what I would like to get out of it – the more comes to mind. So I would say, bring it on 2018 – we are ready for you!

UPDATE from Grainne:

2017 is going to be a hard year to beat. Last year when I sat down and wrote what I hoped to achieve in 2017, no way did I think I would be where I am now – in my ideal job, living with my ideal man – cliché I know, but its true – 2017 was brilliant!

So here I am again, thinking about what I want to achieve this year and how I want to grow both personally and professionally. This year, I want to invest more time in learning about revenue management, forecasting, budgeting – all those things that people normally hate about sales…. The numbers! I love numbers, always have and although I love my job currently, I want to branch more into the strategic sale side of things! Fortunately I have a fantastic manager who is delighted to help me learn more – I finished a brief short course in Revenue Management in college last year, so I really want to build on this and see how I can implement an overall revenue management strategic plan!

Time management is something that I say every year I am going to work on, so yet again, it is on my list! I’m actually attending course on project management and prospecting next week, so hopefully that will point me in the right direction… again!

In relation to Meetings+Millennials, I want to put more time aside to concentrate on making great connections, gathering some great content and blogs from other millennials in our industry and building our profile! while we have had a fantastic 1st year, it can be hard to find the time and patience to invest in something like this, especially when work and life takes over! So hopefully 2018 will be the year!

When it comes to the personal side of my life, 2018 is already looking like it might top 2017! So bring it on!

UPDATE from Aoife:

2018 is going to be BIG and I am ready for it. I am feeling very privileged to be working on a new & exciting project with SoolNua as we lead the new SITE Marketing team into 2018. I will be undertaking the role of Director of Digital & Social Media Marketing - I am really looking forward to working more in the "I" in our MICE world - Incentives!

SoolNua recently moved office to Terenure, which is closer to home for me. I am going to try use the car less this year and walk the 25minute commute to our new working-home. I am lucky enough to have colleagues that don't mind dogs... so Nova gets to come to work with me too.

I work in all things social and digital after studying Advertising & Marketing in college, I am going to further my knowledge base in the coming year and I have enrolled in a professional diploma - back to the books!

I'd like to develop the networking opportunities within Meetings+Millennials and draw us all closer as a community to share knowledge and ideas.

I am in my 5th year in the same company and every year my role has evolved and our client base changes. I am always happy and excited to be doing the work I am doing and coming up to the office door every day... so here's to 2018 bringing more happiness!

What your goals, thoughts and reflections on the year ahead? Tweet us @MICEmillennials

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