Platforms that Millennials use to communicate

April 9, 2019

Online and digital communication is becoming more and more popular, especially between Millennial teams. Companies and their teams are opting to use choosing platforms such as Slack and Asana to communicate cross teams and with their clients. These platforms enable remote working and bridge gaps between offices or teams operating in different time zones and continents.





Slack is a collaboration hub for work, no matter what work you do. It's a place where conversations happen, decisions are made, and information is always at your fingertips.


With Slack, your team is better connected.


Slack offers numerous features that can help you work more efficiently and effectively with your colleagues. Channels can be broken down into certain groups with specific people or teams in them or centred around a certain project. The use of Slack helps cut down email threads that people may be involved in to get answers and feedback fast.






















Slack is fantastic for easy communication and exchanging of documents. With your team and information in one easily searchable place, collaborating online is as easy as in person.


There are many different ways you can incorporate other organisation apps into Slack, such as being able to connect your google drive or dropbox account for instant file sharing, as well as being able to integrate online conference call apps like GoToMeeting to start a call from right within the Slack app.


I have personally been using Slack for around two months while working in SoolNua. The simplicity of asking questions to my colleagues quickly really speeds up my day-to-day duties. From sending different documents and links to my colleagues to just asking a question, Slack is my go-to.


The idea of having a thread dedicated to its own topic is also a benefit which stops all confusion and uncertainty!




Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams organise, track and manage their work. It is the work management platform teams use to stay focused on the goals, projects and daily tasks that grow business.


Asana offers features for organising your work with deadlines to who is involved in the particular task. This helps your team reach goals, stay organised and keeping themselves on track.


I personally use Asana in my job with SoolNua as well, where each of my jobs are listed out in order of deadlines. This helps me get all of my work done on time and in the right order.


With the growth of tech savvy and online driven Millennials in the workplace, platforms like Slack and Asana are becoming more popular, especially since you are able to integrate them with your other apps and one another, giving you with an even easier way to manage and engage them both. 

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