• Louis Gilmartin

6 Reasons Why Millennials Are Ready To Be Leaders In Important Roles

1. They can take on more responsibility

Millennials have been making a big impact on the workplace. The current millennial age range is between 22-38, this means that the "mature millennials" are now at the peak of their work-life and they are ready to take on more responsibility (the average age for first-time managers is 30 years old!).

2. They are more experienced

As the millennial generation ages, so do their experience levels. With the average millennial now being in their 30’s, means that they have at 6-8 years of experience in the industry. Millennials have more confidence and they are seeking roles in their companies that will challenge them and give them more responsibility.

3. Millennials are in the majority

As of last year, the largest demographic of the workforce is millennials, making them strong potential candidates for open managerial and leaderships positions. They are the driving force and the central hub for growth in the industry.

4. They are adaptable and tech-driven

In a world filled with more and more new technology every day, being adaptable is a strong characteristic to have - something millennials are known for. Since they have grown up with modern day tech that was updated regularly, the idea of adapting quickly and being flexible to new software is something they enjoy. Read more from Karoline Holicky of Meisterplan who speaks about how “Millennials trust the power of technology and know that adopting better systems is the most efficient way to make better decisions”.

5. They thrive on flexibility

Flexibility is a key aspect of how millennials work to the best of their ability. According to a Bentley University study, 77% of millennials work better and more productively when given flexible hours.

This generation is a lot more relaxed when it comes to work and will feel better when settled in a comfortable situation. This style of work presents a big change to the current workforce. Do your millennial workforce work from home, in coffeeshops, loud environments, on trains, planes and automobiles?

6. They are the future

Finally, millennials are the generation that will prepare our industry for the next generation - Gen Z. They will soon be finishing college and looking for roles in the meetings & events industry. Millennials will be the ones who will be ready to welcome with open arms whilst fulfilling leadership roles. Millennials will help develop the next generation.

Millennials may seem like the youth of the industry now, but, even with their own unique leadership style, they are fast becoming the leaders in our industry.

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