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One of our sponsors, SoolNua, write a monthly musings Newsletter where they share advice and suggestions to enliven your weeks ahead. I was delighted to contribute some practical business advice new ways of looking at and understanding workplace culture. Here is my contribution below:

In 2012, after 5 long years of studying pharmacy to a master’s level, I finally graduated and started my career as a community pharmacist. Fast forward 5 years, and here I am working as the Business Development Manager in one of Dublin’s most unique venues. A very obvious transition… right?

Some people called me mad, crazy or stupid for turning my back on a career that I spent 5 years studying for – a career that was stable, consistent and well paid. However, I call myself fortunate. I was brave enough to throw myself into something entirely new, something that stimulated and motivated me in a very different way.

Yes, I took a pay cut at the beginning. But at the end of the day, happiness and ensuring I was learning and meeting new people every day was worth more to me than a few extra euros in my pocket. Now I am the Business Development Manager at Croke Park and my career is evolving. The people, pace and the passion of this industry are what motivates me and I am lucky that my ‘mad idea’ paid off.

So what’s my advice? Don’t be shoehorned into a specific job because you ‘studied the course in college’ or because you have experience in it – if something interests you, explore it and find a way to incorporate it into your life somehow. The same goes for managers looking to hire new employees, look beyond the applicant's experience and qualifications – see the potential and the passion they have, and use it.

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