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#Eventprofs Tips to get your event trending: PART TWO

This post is the 2nd post in a series of 4 short blog posts, sharing some tips on a subject that we can all relate to - event hashtag trending. These tips are based on my experience of running social media campaigns for a variety of events in the industry that have trended online - from something as small as a meeting of 80 people to a conference of over 1,000.

The last post addressed the issue of timing - when to tweet! You can you read that post here.

After you have worked on a strategy of the timing of your tweets for your event , the next step is to get as many people as possible on-board the tweeting train! Having the one account tweeting out 100 tweets isn't as effective as 10 people sending out 10 tweets each.

Part 2: It takes more than one.
Tweeting from your own account or company account multiple times on the day of your event won’t be enough to get the hashtag trending.
  1. The Team: Make sure you, your company and other team members are tweeting from their own accounts. You will need multiple accounts tweeting about the hashtag to reach a larger audience and spread the impression count further in order for it to trend

  2. The Attendees: Involving your attendees as much as possible is crucial. Encourage them to tweet photos / videos / text and use the hashtag to capture the story online

  3. The Stakeholders: Get any sponsors, venue or suppliers involved – its promotion for everyon

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